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Clean Mining | Clean Building "Clever-Teq" Solutions

Want to know how our solutions unlock value for you?

Clean ResourceS Mission

We embrace ESG principles and the applicable United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as we strive to improve social and economic outcomes for all.

"Value creation by delivering clean and sustainable, novel and profitable mineral technologies for improved metal extraction and concrete generation."


Our Solutions

Clean Resources "clever-teq" solutions aim to improve the value-capture outcomes for all mineral wealth. We focus on profitable metal extraction from precious/base polymetallic refractory orebodies and turning coal ash landfill into clean concrete. Our boundaries push beyond known paradigms, harnessing the best and brightest of new thinking to build clever metal extraction flow sheet systems, which reduce toxic chemicals and water use, while recycling leach materials. By lowering impact, we lower costs and improve community engagement and permitting outcomes.



  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly process to treat and upcycle coal ash
  • Produces alternative or complement to concrete/cement
  • High strength and water-resistant
  • Patented technology



  • HydroS is a patented technology which produces Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) on-demand, without using carbon.
  • HydroS has multiple mining and industrial applications as a value-enhancer to extract base metals from water soluble mixes and environments.
    • HydroS can enhance polymetallic oxide leaching outcomes for precious and base recoveries.
    • HydroS can treat contaminated/brown waters for recycling (Acid Mine Drainage, tailings, decontaminate flooded mine pits)
    • HydroS can replace or enhance SART and other industrial applications.
    • Patented technology.



  • MetoxS is a patented revolutionary technology harnessing the power of molten salts to extract precious (and base) metals.
  • MetoxS’s particular brilliance is unlocking all metal values trapped within rugged polymetallic refractory orebodies.
  • MetoxS delivers a simple “one shot” flow sheet, with uber-fast kinetics (<7hrs); generating high total recovery rates. No pre-treatments, such as roasting/ POX, are necessary, enhancing economics, while vastly reducing energy and emission intensities.
  • MetoxS uses no hazardous toxic chemicals; recycles its reagents and operates in a non-aqueous environment, reducing water consumption, while generating dry inert waste.
  • MetoxS offers Miners an environmentally-friendly alternative to cyanide; thiourea and mercury leaching.
  • Patented technology



  • ARVLeach is a patented “clever-teq” acid leaching process, departing from traditional hydrometallurgy. The result is a more robust recovery flow sheet adaptable to a range of copper sulphide orebodies, able to outsmart sulphur surface passivation to deliver super-quick kinetics in an energy-conscious manner.
  • ARVLeach recovers over 95% copper from chalcopyrites.
  • ARVLeach recovers metal in under 3 hours.
  • ARVLeach harness copper cathode 99.99% on-site.
  • ARVLeach averts the need for high pressures and high temperatures.
  • Patented technology
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