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Acrete™ – circular economy

– recycling coal ash into a valuable material



  • Reprocessing of coal ash uses proven technology (low risk)
  • Acrete is a 3-component building material (coal ash + activator + water)
  • Aggregates or retardants can be added for increased workability
  • Rapid curing time of 1 day in oven or 3 weeks in open air
  • Up to 120MPa compressive strength and up to 9MPa flexure strength.
  • Water absorption <6%, making it less prone to hot/cold breakage
  • Product is easy to use


  • Coal power plant operators (CPPO) need a solution to clean up highly polluting coal ash tailings (est. 20bt stockpiled , est. 1bt produced annually; >1,000 coal ash landfills in the USA alone
  • Duke Energy, a large CPPO, has accounted for >US$6bn to treat coal ash to mitigate the risk of contamination (health, water, air, ecosystems etc)
  • Concrete producers need an alternative to sand (depleting/scarce resource)
Acrete™ – circular economy

Commercial Application


Treated coal ash can be used as either an additive or substitute to sand in cement production (est. US$10bn annual market size).

Low cost

Acrete is positioned to be a low cost, environmentally friendly building material and an alternative to cement.


Acrete can be used to solidify contaminated mine tailings powders in a high strength material (original research).

Case result

Raw materials fly ash
Method geopolymerization
Activator Proprietary
Dosage < 10% (in wt%) activator
Compressive stregth
(high temperature curing)
Class C: 70-120 MPa (1 day)
Class F: 60-70 MPa (1 day)
Compressive stregth
(air curing)
Class C: 70 MPa (3 weeks)
Class F: 60 MPa (4 weeks)
Water adsorption ration/td> <6%
Durability in water high
Alkali consumption low
Environmental friendly high
Simplicity high (curing without a mold)
Economical high
Acrete Concrete
Resource Fly ash, gravel,activator, water Cement, fly ash, gravel, sand, water
Fly ash dosage
(weight percentage)
60-85% 15-30%
Cement dosage 0 15-19%
Compresive streght
(air curing)
60-70 MPa (3 weeks) 20-30 MPa (4 weeks)
Durability in water High Normal
Enviromental friendly High Normal
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