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HydroS™ Process

– cleaning contaminated mine sites & metals


  • Capability to produce Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) on demand (on/off production)
  • Stable process working in any environment
  • Scalable from a 10kg per day to >100t per day
  • Modular and movable
  • H2S gas used as a precipitant to recover/separate metals contained in liquids
  • Metals recovered through sedimentation/filtration
  • Process operating at moderate pressure and temperature
  • Replaces highly dangerous hydrogen gas
  • Low OPEX, moderate CAPEX


  • Mining and other industrial entities that need to treat contaminated water to avoid groundwater pollution risk
  • National Environmental Agencies
  • Gold/Silver/Copper mining companies using SART technology
  • H2S production capacity is dependent on concentration of metals in effluents

Commercial Application


Recovery of metals in solutions (liquids)

Acid Mine Drainage

Acid Mine Drainage - treatment of tailings dam contaminated effluent to ensure environmental compliance


Treatment of contaminated water in abandoned flooded mine pits prior to safely remove water and enable reopening


An enhancement to the SART process, principally used by gold mining companies, to enable cost reduction through the recycling of cyanide and increase metals recovery from certain complex ores


Other applications in other industries where H2S gas is necessary

Case result

  • In a mine effluent containing river with a flow rate of 100m3/day
Metals Cu Zn Fe pH
Content mg/L 19 280 700 3.3
We recovered with HydroS Mining Solution:
95% 95% 95% >=5.0

Allowing for sale of the recovered metal sulfide.

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